Tenerife Carnival shows

Enjoy the best shows of the second most important carnival in the world: the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival.

Feel the rhythm of the carnival from your reserved seat at the Rhythm and Harmony parade, the most beloved competition of the Tenerife Carnival, in which musical groups called comparsas stroll down one of Santa Cruz main streets for hours.

Marvel at the costumes that the candidates for the Queen of the Carnival in Tenerife wear during the Carnival Queen Election Gala, which weigh over 440 pounds, visit the locales of the groups participating in the Carnival of Santa Cruz and visit the backstage to get an up-close look at the impressive costumes of the candidates for the Queen.

Bid farewell to the Carnival of Tenerife whilst you enjoy the Coso de Carnaval parade, which is the grand finale of this festival filled with colours, creativity and rhythm, from the front row.

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